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Using Biztalk Map Documenter

Feb 14, 2010 at 3:02 AM

Hi ,

Biztalk 2006 Documenter gives Map in xslt form which is not good enough for a person to quickly undersatnd what is going on in the Map . Biztalk map documenter looks to me a nice one . But I am not able to undersatnd how to use the Biztalk Map Documeneter to convert the Map into HTML . Please help me with the steps to do so .


Feb 15, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Put the Microsoft command line transformation utility (msxsl.exe) file in the same folder as the BizTalkMapDocumenterHTML.xslt

In the command prompt, navigate to the folder containing the msxsl.exe file and a command like the following.  This will create an HTML file for a single btm map file:

msxsl "..\..\..\Source\Acme\Integration\Maps\SouceSystemA\MyMap.btm" BizTalkMapDocumenterHTML.xslt -o "MyMap.btm.html"

Or you can do more fancy stuff like:

  • Create an html file for each map file in a specified folder:
for %%f in ("..\..\..\Source\Acme\Integration\Maps\SouceSystemA\*.btm") do call msxsl "%%f" BizTalkMapDocumenterHTML.xslt -o "%%~nf.btm.html"
  • automating documentation of all maps as part of an MSBuild process (see sample on home page).